Welcome to Dadepesh!

This is the original website created to simplify the process of start-ups. We help provide easy access to multiple free resources. This is so an entrepreneur can reach out and get the information they need quickly, so they can move to the next step.

Our goal, is to revolutionize the process of starting a new venture, make it simple, so that anyone can bring their product, or business, to completion. Our concierge robot, MYKEY, will direct you through any one of the strategies needed to help. Dadepesh will offer tutorials and coaching, real hand holding stuff…

We connect you with people you will find instrumental in your journey. Every month we will be adding new links here on the dadepesh website. These will be various new resources that our inventors recommend. These are real people who will guide you, not huge firms that are hard to communicate with.

We take you from CONCEPT TO CREATION.