App Development

You wake up one morning and see that just about everyone around you has a smartphone. And what do smartphones have? Applications of course.

So here you are, try a new app idea …looking to develop it yourself.

Problem is you don’t know how but you have a vision!!

Here are is some general advice:

Stay small:

Generally, the bigger the scope, the longer it will take to develop, with more complex coding used as well. You know how the saying goes, “Time is money.” With apps, I am referring to the kind of phones you want it to be on. iOS, android, and other such things. Developing across multiple platforms is incredibly difficult, especially for Samsung and android phones, which need to take into account a variety of sizes and resolutions. Sure, sticking to one category limits your audience, but you have to factor in production cost too.

Keep things simple and start somewhere:

Apps are not the same as the programs you use on computers. They are generally smaller. This means that there is little to no point in adding a lot of bells and whistles to your app when people might not even use them. You should be able to describe the purpose of your app in a single line unless you are making a game. Those things are only apps in the sense that you buy them from an app store.

Keep your team small:

This one is self-explanatory, the less people under you, the less money you will have to shell out. A team is more expensive than a freelance developer, which is more expensive than doing it yourself. And yes, you can make apps yourself, there are a number of app makers you can try for a variety of price ranges online.

If finding an app developer yourself is interesting check out this article. It has some really good tips:

If you want to look into making something on your own, here are some decent budget app makers:

If you need a reasonably priced app developer, here is a contact:

Know your audience.

This is more of a marketing tip. Know your target customers and what they might like or need. You wouldn’t aim medical apps towards adolescents for instance. Plus, a targeted audience means that you can refine what works without having to worry about alienating another group.

For more information on app developers check these out:

After everything is said and done, you can submit your app to the stores with these guidelines.

This one is for iOS:

And this one is for android:

Some app making services and developers already have the option and information to publish. Taking the time to ask and inquire about such things can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

After all… “Time is money.”

Good luck out there!

APP Development Continued:

Your idea is one that appeals to the masses. You have created the website, and your name is out there. People may come to you to order your services or products. They might want to do it on the run, while traveling to work, on their mobile device. You might also envision an interactive site that is fun to use. This requires development.

There are many ways to go about doing this. Some developers and entrepreneurs build these apps and are looking for the next big idea. You might may want to partner and work with them.

They may be interested in helping you, for a position such as partner in return. This is called sweat equity.

They’re also some app development companies that might negotiate for a piece of the pie in your business.

Building apps are more costly, so maybe before this step you might want to start with the website first.

Websites bring traffic at a later date to the app.

The website is never wasted.

Non-disclosure agreements should, and must always be signed.

Look for free one here:

Another place to get free forms are here:

Tech Schools might want to get involved. Usually that is of a nominal expense. Look up technology schools near you.

Here are some links:

1. For girls and ladies:

2. Watch this for inspiration: