Business Consulting, CEO, and Project Managers

Business consultants helps to organize and solve issues that keep us from moving forward with our business.

These consultants create market value that may not be visible to an entrepreneur right away. They look at the small details and maximize their worth.

They will strategize and help with initial foundation, as well as growth.
They will recommend resources for your company and suggest possible team members.

They will be instrumental in hiring the right staff members all the while keeping your vision for your business intact. 



There are 3 types of startup businesses categories: 

Which one fits you? Try identifying with each one and you will discover:

Product Based Business Plan

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Technology Based Business Plan

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Brick & Mortar Business Plan

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Here are some suggestions:

This one is free –

The real handholding for young startups are done right here at Dadepesh and we will do as much hand holding as you need. We will guide you with a strategy, connect you with industry specialists, and be here when you have questions.

Our Angel Investor, Patent Holder and Dadepesh Founder, will personally take care of all the new startup companies.

It is her passion.

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