Registering a business as a DBA does not trademark a company name but does allow for the business to use the name in order to brand. Applying for a trademark and buying your own domain name and business name is a good start. If your individual name is taken, no worries. As your business name becomes known, it will become synonymous with your real name.

If your domain name is taken I would recommend finding another business name for yourself that is not taken. You can get sued if you use a business name that someone else owns. (ps – it’s not too costly if you purchase through:

As a DBA, you must decide if your company will be a:

  • The C Corporation
  • Non-Profit
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • S-Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Traditional Corporation.

Here, you really should pick up the phone and call your accountant. If you choose to do it yourself, research fully how each one is to be treated in respect to taxes, based on your state and your industry. 

Each of these types of structures slightly follow different rules in terms of the legal requirements due to the fact that each structure yields different tax implications and overall financial layout.

Corporation/Business Set Up 


Starting Up Your Own Business

Your “WHY” is your oxygen!

Beyond a business plan, owning and starting up a business has a legal aspect to it. The legal necessities of a business include:

  • registering your business

  • creating a business structure

  • getting a business name

  • getting a federal/state tax ID

  • attaining licenses and permits

  • opening up bank account

When registering your business, registering as DBA or “Doing Business As” ensures that the local government is aware of the particular name that the business is functioning under.

Without a registration as DBA, a business is most likely being run by a sole proprietor which leads to the business being named after the person’s name. DBA rules are a little different depending on the location, or specifically, what state you are in.