Dated Timeline of Conception

Information gathering is complex. Your emerging business concept will be a project that will require you to keep a dated timeline of conception ,to protect yourself legally, if needed.

You will , undoubtedly, talk with experts, manufacturers, investors, engineers, and product developers along your journey.

We, at dadepesh, advise you to keep a clearly written ledger of you encounters with anyone.
Get a book, date it from the beginning, in a format like the one below.

Take a simple screenshot, with your phone, of each page, and email it to yourself.

This will be a documented record of all interactions, and diagrams of your concept. This is called a poor man’s Patent.

Also if you really want to be sure, all is understood between all parties, we recommend you have a signed nondisclosure agreement form at all times. Sometimes, you might discuss your concept, and they will refuse to sign an NDA. Their job might prohibit them from signing one. That is very common.

If that is the case, send a summary of your discussions to yourself, and the person you have shared your information with. This will , at least, be some form of documentation of the conversation that transpired on that date.

Feel free to click on the notepad image above and download a printable PDF. file for your usage.