This part of your journey encompasses a few other categories from your prototype, to your design, to the chemical composition. We recommend you start somewhere…even if you make a homemade prototype, and ask a manufacturing to make for you a sample. We recommend negotiating with a potential manufacturer, to make for you a couple of samples before you have tooling done. You want to check functionality very carefully before ordering expensive tooling to make your product. Yes, you will pay for tooling.

We don’t recommend telling them exactly what your product is used for. Once they understand the product, and its application, they might want to copy it. Keep as little as possible disclosed at the beginning of your exploratory journey. Your product may be composed of the few already existing materials. You might want to seek out similar product manufacturer for negotiation and leverage. Manufactures usually allow much room for negotiation. Sometimes hiring a middleman, a sourcing agent, would be beneficial to lower cost of manufacturing.

Usually a local sourcing agent is best. One, who speaks the language and understands the culture. Keep in mind, initially the manufacturer will be very costly. You must start somewhere! You could source more later, after you’ve tested your market a little.

We have had tremendous help and insight from Ed Gordon from WWP. I needed hand holding for an invention in a totally different industry of plastics. He was there all through the journey.

Here is his link:

There are many people who use Alibaba. It is a very good website. The question is whether they are easy to use? If you are just buying in bulk, it is quite easy. Creating a product? Not so easy.

What is great is that you can start relationships with factories that build things that are close to what you want to build.

Here is link to Alibaba:

There is a new lady in town who is very hands on with the Dadepesh community. She sources (shops for manufacturers) for you.
Sylvia Hong is excellent and she sources in Africa, where prices in many industries are well worth the look.

Here is her email and contact number: ‭1 (917) 952-3770

We think the best sourcing fairs are abroad. There are many foreigners attending. We also believe that if you want something to come out right you must see the kitchen where it is made. Take a short trip and go to one of these fairs.

Here are a few of the big ones:

Some more:


Some fairs that showcase those interested in the Biomedical field: If you are interested in improving the lives on a GLOBAL SCALE, you will find the following trade shows of interest to you.

Biotech Showcase 2019 –

Biotech Showcase is a trade show in biotechnology that takes place in San Francisco, California.

22nd Global Congress on Biotechnology –

The 22nd Global Congress on Biotechnology takes places in Berlin.

World Biotechnology Conference –

The World Biotechnology Conference takes place ins Gothenburg, Sweden.

2nd International Conference on Biotechnology –

The 2nd International Conference on Biotechnology is a trade show that takes place in Valencia, Spain. This conference focuses largely on recent, and relevant, research related to biotechnology, and breakthrough products. They showcase technologies that work to tackle disease, feeding the hungry, as well as improving agriculture and medical fields.