Product Development

Mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers help to solve many problems early in the development stage. They help keep emotions, and costs, at a more comfortable level for an inventor. These engineers understand the current market demands, and they reduce future risks of redos in the manufacturing plant.

Helping refine a product design in their labs, all the while protecting and focusing on your and proof of concept.

Mock ups are important before investing any further. Some projects may be so much more simple than we imagine.

For example, we can use an already existing wheel, we could just make it uniquely different. As a matter of fact, most successful inventions were not novel ideas, they were actually improvements made from old existing concepts.

Here are some links to some product development companies that we find very helpful:

Pro Bono – Work with students and faculty at NYU Engineering.
Reach out and ask for guidance where and with whom you might seek assistance from students:

Reach out to people at Farmingdale University.

Here are their emails – They can help at a fraction of the cost:

Here is a site that links you up with freelancers that design products:

Trade shows are so super exciting. Even if it’s a medical product development you can get many contacts on materials and so forth. I recommend walking there with open mind.. inventors paradise:

As a matter of fact here are some trade-shows throughout the year. These are just a drop in the bucket of all the connections you can make at these type of events:

Some more links for product development are:

Product development is a very important component while perfecting your product. Any prototype that will be built will have its birth initially through the eyes of the product developer. Most entrepreneurs will be the developer of their own product. Some might have an idea and go straight in in to a product developer who will have the know how to use different materials and tooling to test for strength and durability.

I recommend reading some suggestions from entrepreneur magazine:

1. Some might attempt to use an organization:

2. We recommend a few others: