When we are searching for industry specific prototyping.. we recommend you type in the words “_____manufacturer directory”

Here is an example:

For Medical Device Directory:

There are 2901 companies listed as product manufacturers..

You will need to refine from here exactly what you are looking for.

Do you need a prototype or manufacturing. Most manufacturers will make prototypes as well.

Find freelance project designers:


Prototype Resources The simplest kind of prototype is a Visual Prototype. The purpose of this is to show the size and appearance of your product and nothing else. This is generally the easiest and cheapest kind of prototype as expensive materials are not needed (or none at all if you plan on digitally modeling it). You can make digital models for free on apps like – Sculptris or sites like Tinkercad. http://pixologic.com/sculptris https://www.tinkercad.com
The second kind is the “Proof of Concept”. This is what most people are thinking of when they hear the word “Prototype”. A proof of concept is exactly what it sounds like, a model made of rudimentary materials that proves your idea is viable. Again, no expensive materials are needed. (This prototype of the Nerf Super Soaker was made from PVC, vinyl tubing and a large Coke bottle.)

Next, you have:

The Presentation Prototype

This is the prototype you show to big league investors and manufacturers and this is the model you point to when they ask for the production standards. This is the demo of its full potential. It’s also usually made with expensive materials.

Finally you have the:

Production Prototype

This is the product that’s going to be cranked out “en masse”. This is where you determine what materials get you the most bang for their buck. Here you will have to look into who can do your manufacturing. You give them the exact specifications and they will make you a working prototype .