Oh my!

You have worked so hard, you’ve manufactured, had items shipped across the waters, and you’ve packaged it. Now where do you keep all this inventory? Your garage? Your mom‘s garage? Rent a garage? One item many busy inventors overlook is this step.

Thinking very clearly about the right temperature needed to store your product, and it’s package, will save you a bundle. Maybe the plastic container will warp if kept in a hot attic. Maybe freezing temperatures will change the plastic consistency on the cream you had filled for your cosmetic line.

I say, when storage comes up, think extreme! Never cut corners here! You have invested too much. Hot or cold, what could change in your product? Know your chemistry as it pertains to your business. Ask the manufacturer all of these questions. Here is a list of places to check out that offer a temperature-controlled storage.

 On our blog, I will tell you about one of my products and what being in sunlight did to it.


Good news!

This is YOU One day! You are getting so many orders you don’t have time to run to the post office fast enough. You have come to the right place. There are many ways one can get help with their distribution needs.

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