Marketing During Corona Times!!

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So you want to market yourself? Cannot afford to have a marketing campaign? Times are hard but you still want to grow your business? Truth be told, we have never had such a captive audience like we do now.. people are bored! They are surfing the Internet.. letting their curiosity get the best of them.

Think about it!! You are so much more than a website you built!! 

You are a someone! An image to be described and morphing everyday into someone that people want to know. Your website is your business. You chose it and you gave it life. Make it your own.

What about giving your image a “Makeover”?

Your business, from the perspective of the consumer, has a lot to do with the eye and what the eye processes. Attraction is a very visual concept, being enticed by beauty and eye-capturing imagery. Like going out to a gallery, where you will see interesting pieces that engage your curiosity. With this in mind, you can increase and improve your image by improving exactly that..your overall image!

Cleaning up the way that you dress and present yourself, can be a powerful way to market yourself without much out of pocket. It increases the level of physical attraction that exists between two people. It has to be an experience. Presenting yourself as a professional, or an expressive individual, who employs creativity in your outer appearance, can help one gain interest. Looking into trendy new patterns and colors, would spice things up nice. What are your today colors? Are you feeling it? Having fun exploring different styles, and experimenting till you find one that works for you, is a great first step in marketing yourself.

Create Your Own Podcast:

Podcasting is a very useful and effective method of video marketing. Why are your services important? Why should people use you versus your competition. Explain yourself ! Giving of yourself is key today. Your own words, yes, is what gets you discovered!!! In today’s digital age, podcasting has gained a lot of popularity and interest, especially due to the many platforms that allow podcasts to be easily accessible.  

A podcast, by definition, is a recording of your thoughts, in a file, that is accessible via the internet, by anyone who is interested in your industry. You can present it in the form of a series, in bite size pieces, so people understand what you’re about at first. Before you know it, you are building a small interested following of listeners. Before they can become customers, they need to value you, and your “Why”. If you intrigue them, you will have an image of someone in your industry worthy of listening to. Podcasting allows you to relay information that you may deem significant, or fun. Use it to better build your relationship within your community.

Yes.. you will build a community. Podcasting is also a great outlet to express and showcase your creativity, which increases the attraction level of “You”. You, of course, established as an expert in your field. You can speak publicly and still be in your fuzzy slippers and pajamas. In today’s corona times, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.  

Create A Blog:  

Instead of talking, like in your podcast, why not write what you are about? After all, you are important. Your skill is needed and valued. When you write, you create traffic to your home site and overall interest. 

Blogs are a way for you to cater to your target audience, and create a new twist on your services, that is relevant to their interest. Blogging also increases interaction between the you and your community. You can answer their questions, which give you, very valuable input on what your community is looking for. Sometimes it gives us additional information, new ways to deliver services, maybe that our competitors are already delivering, which gives them an edge over you. It is like your inside tip.

Increase Your Social Media Presence:

Being social media savvy is as easy as recording small bits of your thoughts each day as you’re driving. Post small bits on your account . Write something and break it into sections. Create a few accounts, place a different piece on each platform. There are a lot of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.,

Your community is already looking for you, give them of yourself. Increasing your social media presence is a simple way to increase the attention and getting people to land on your website or business’s platforms. It’s free, easy portrayal of your thoughts, your products, and the out of the box uses of your products. Social media connects people to you. Now, I ask you, why are you not running to your computer right now, or better yet, pick up you phone and create a few accounts and put some catchy photos of what you sell or do.

I, for one, am so excited for your creative journey to start!!

Good energy, thank you Corona!!!!!!!