By Fariha Nizam

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Albert Sadacca: 

Albert Sadacca is the child inventor of Christmas lights. Prior to this invention, candles were used primarily in the decoration of Christmas trees, however, the open flame posed as a risky problem. Albert Sadacca is credited as the inventor who revolutionized the commercial holiday by creating a version of electric lights that were more affordable. He used his parents’ novelty lighting company to create the lights.


Kelly Reinhart:

Kelly Reinhart is the inventor of the T-Pak. As a child, Kelly was inspired for this invention when her parents gave a challenge to all of their kids to draw up a picture of an invention and the prize would be having the prototype for the invention made. Reinhart came up with the design for a T-Pak, which is a thigh pack that allows kids to carry around video games and other items, inspired by a cowboy gun holster. Kelly’s family assisted her through this process by developing the prototype design and helping with an official patent in 1998. Kelly sold her company when she was 9 years old and founded a nonprofit organization that teaches kids how to succeed as inventors.

Benjamin Franklin:

Benjamin Franklin, though credited for many of his inventions later in life, was an innovative inventor in his childhood as well. At age 11, Ben Franklin experimented with water and discovered that he could cut through the water better if there was more surface area. This inspired the design for handheld fins for hands and feet to assist with swimming.


Joseph Bombardier:

Joseph Bombardier, at the age of 15, invented the first ultralight snowmobile model. In 1922, he explored his interest in mechanics by developing an invention that utilized the engine of a Ford Model T with a handmade propeller on the back. Joseph kept at this invention, working to improve it till it became the Ski-DOo, the world’s first ultralight snowmobile model in 1959.


Param Jaggi:

Param Jaggi is a young inventor of today who is credited for his work with environmental technologies. At age 13, he began his research and work with environmental technologies and as he grew a little older and learned to drive, he decided to develop an invention that worked to convert the carbon monoxide emitted from cars into oxygen— which was called the Algae Mobile. This invention was patented in 2011 and since then Param Jaggi has been included on Forbes 30 Under 30 as a major contributor to the energy market.


Catherine Wong:

Catherine Wong invented a tiny device that assists in displaying a patient’s heartbeat onto the screen of a phone. She pioneered this innovation at age 17 while studying as a science student in New Jersey. Wong’s invention is highly significant because it could potentially improve healthcare worldwide and detect problems that are underlying in the cardiac system.