So many things to enjoy learning about. You are painting your own self portrait!

What colors will you be?

What idea will you represent?

What value do you bring to your community?

Whom will you touch with your advice and expertise?

What lives will you enrich?

Here are some courses that you can take to make you understand all you are able to do!!

My absolute favorite:

Here you will get it all for free:

A good place to familiarize yourself with all services and products for entrepreneurs, state by state, is here:

Why not a “Wharton”crash course in entrepreneurship? They know a thing or two:

The best $950 you will ever spend on your Harvard education. A 4 week course full of street and common sense wisdom:

If you want to gain experience, practical know-how , and receive invaluable recognition from a top-tier university… MIT entrepreneurship boot camp, 6 weeks, at your own pace, may be for you:

If, free, is more affordable for you at this time, look at these links:


Here is a course that is only a few days that you learn how to project manage yourself.. yes you get a certificate, but entrepreneurs just want to learn how to strategize their own businesses:

I love this guy! I have learned so many things from him!

Have fun searching for new places to learn!!!!