There are many mothers that find they want to stay home with their children, and yet still work. Here, I have recently come across a few examples that I would like to share with you.

Erin Schurtz

Erin Schurtz is a daring entrepreneur mom who was inspired by motherhood in the beginning of  her pregnancy, to start up a company. Her concept was a simple one, bridging motherhood and business. While eating for 2, she became very aware and concerned about the ingredients being used in her protein shakes and bars that she was consuming. She wanted to remain healthy and safe, within her pregnancy. She was taking the supplements that she desired, but decided to create another daily supplement of Whey protein and prenatal vitamins. She named it appropriately, MOMMI. This groundbreaking idea has shown that with the right inspiration, and entrepreneur mind, any idea, large, or small, can take flight.

Sally Jane Waite

Sally Jane Waite is a mom that started a jewelry line after battling stage 4 colon cancer during her pregnancy. At seven months, she was diagnosed. To help take her mind off her disease, she decided to give birth to a new business idea. Sally decided to do a jewelry line that features bumblebees. The idea behind this is based on aerodynamics. This type of bee should not even  be able to fly, and yet they’re able to do so everyday. This fact, is itself, a symbol of hope. Additionally, the profits from this business contributed to cancer research. Sally is not only an inspiring, resilient entrepreneur, but also a donor to the cause.

Lisa Greenwald

Lisa Greenwald is an entrepreneur mom that founded Chew Beads. This is a line of beads for babies chew on while teething. She gained experience in jewelry having worked as a jewelry collector in a department store. With this experience, and and her observations of children, she gave birth to the idea for a company. The rest was history.

Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith is an entrepreneur who created a company called Palisade. Palisade functions as a painters tape for painting nails. She was inspired as a mother, because she realized how difficult it can be to keep up a nice manicure while being a full time mom. She made it her purpose for awhile, leaving no stone unturned, and now, it’s available at Sophora all around the country.

Kwany Liu

Kwany Liu is a mom who is the founder of Bundle Organics. She was expecting, when she came up with the idea for this company, that aims to help moms remain healthy, while also catering the common symptoms of nursing in pregnancy. Bundle organics is a company is a company that creates organic teas and juices.

There are so many examples of creativity under the roofs of every home around us. Pay attention to your neighbors!

I always have my eyes open.

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