Jessica Toh

Jessica Toh is a young and enthusiastic mom who is also a fearless entrepreneur. She is recognized for her position as founder of the Huckleberry Labs. Jessica Toh is mother to a 1 year old and 7 year old child. Toh has a strong background in computer science and analytics and through these interests and skills, she developed a business that bridged everything together. Huckleberry is described to be an application that works as a service that provides parents in over 50 different countries with affordable, and evidence-based relief through various algorithms and experts.


Barbara Edelstein

Barbara Edelstein is a young entrepreneur mom who is also the cofounder of Partyology, a successful party planning application. Barbara Edelstein is not only a bold and fearless entrepreneur and businesswoman, but she is also one of the country’s top radiologists. Edelstein is well-recognized for her stunning ability to balance her career and family while also assisting in events planning.

Katie Willcox

Katie Willcox is a young entrepreneur mom who is recognized as the founder of Natural Model Management. Katie Willcox originally entered the fashion industry when she landed a modeling job as a curve model at age 17. At age 25, Willcox took her experience as a model and decided to open up her own original agency that caters to models like herself. Willcox’s company, Natural, was the first to represent curve models which made it innovative and a fearless move for the young entrepreneur mom.

Michele Welsh

Michele Welsh is an example of a bold entrepreneur mom who is given the credit of being the founder of SafetyTat. Prior to founding the company, Welsh went through an experience that really inspired her to develop the business. She felt the familiar feeling that all parents feel, becoming overwhelmed at the crowded amusement park and the safety of her children. SafetyTat is a company that provides temporary tattoos, which allow the labeling of phone numbers and other important details on children’s arms for emergencies. This idea was an innovative one that ameliorated the problem that Welsh was experiencing while also targeting a universal problem that all parents undergo.

Susan Peterson

Susan Peterson is a daring entrepreneur mom who founded Freshly Picked moccasins, which is a business that primarily designs baby shoes. Peterson decided to use scrap leather that she had bought at a garage sale to assist in developing her first pair of moccasins. Being a mother came in handy for Peterson when testing her prototypes because she had her own kids try out the shoes. Eventually, these shoes became a very successful business.


Allison O’Kelly

Allison O’Kelly is a young, entrepreneur mom and the founder and CEO of Mom Corps, which is a national organization for staffing professionals that are seeking non-traditional jobs or careers. This business that O’Kelly founded is highly relevant and important to mothers because it allows busy mothers to use it on order to find flexible options for employment such that they can keep up with their external or personal obligations and responsibilities.

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