Katie Sturino..

She’s just another girl, like any one of us except…she’s the Founder of Megababe! What a woman!! A trend predictor!!! She sees a problem and she wants to fix it!! People won’t talk about these small embarrassing issues like thigh rubbing in the summer… beautiful smelly pits? She has the solution!

Need bust refreshing? Try her bust dust!! Say thank you to her first, for talking about it on her blog, and then going out there in a mans’ world and creating tangible solutions for women’s personal beauty problems.

Her products sell out on preorders immediately.

Katie Sturino has been told that not enough people have some of these issues. She might be the only one that suffers from these embarrassing situations.
Her business ideas were shot down by everyone, even her family.
She trusted her hunches, and launched anyway in 2017, and was an overnight success with her first product, “thigh rescue”.
She took away the shame of “talking about THIS and THAT topic!!!”
The young, daring, entrepreneur had this success from taking a different approach than all the other beauty product companies.
She continued to launch her powder for sweaty bras “Bust Dust”. Then she captured the market with her her natural deodorant body wipes, “ Rosy Pits”. She created cute brightly packaged products that caught the girl’s eye… Her instagram page helped spread more than just the word. She spread her entire vision, her line of happy go lucky products that women love to buy.

You go girl!!!!