Successful Inventors Who Have Honed Their Skills

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Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner is largely recognized as one of the sharks on the hit show, Shark Tank, and as the Queen of QVC. She is considered one of the most influential and successful inventors in the retail world, having used her business and retail skills, alike, to assist in the expansion of her business and her contribution to the invention world. In 1996, Lori Greiner created her first invention, a plastic jewelry organizer that holds earrings, functioning to make the lives of people easier. Lori Greiner has created a total of 500 inventions using her skills in retail and entrepreneuring to successfully launch and lead the QVC show, Clever and Unique Creations by Lori Greiner. Additionally, her founding of the company, For Your Ease Only, Inc., showcases Greiner’s intuitive skills in understanding customer needs as well as her innovative mind in the world of inventing.

Thomas Burberry

Thomas Burberry is well-recognized as the founder of the famous brand, Burberry. Thomas Burberry, started out serving as an apprentice at a local draper’s shop, which is where he first explored his interest and skill in clothing. Soon after this apprenticeship, Burberry opened his own clothing outfitters which started out as a small town store with a few employees. Burberry utilized his innate skill in clothing, research, and his inclination for business as a means of developing his brand. He began researching and experimenting with materials in order to create fabrics that were suitable for various purposes, such as fishing, hunting and riding. Burberry is credited for the invention of the gabardine, which is a weatherproof, breathable, durable fabric which has changed the world of rainwear overall. Burberry’s vision to create a fabric and invention that can withhold weather changes came to life and now Burberry is one of the largest, most successful clothing brands worldwide.  

Mandy Haberman

Mandy Haberman is the successful inventor of the Haberman Feeder and the Anyway Cup. Having been motivated by her personal life and her own skills in business and parenting, Haberman pioneered an invention that assisted people like her daughter, a child born with Stickler syndrome and a cleft lip. The Haberman Feeder is an invention that is designed to help children and infants with sucking difficulties. This invention was so effective and impactful that it is now used within hospitals worldwide. Her second invention, the Anyway Cup, is a cup designed such that there will be no spills, a baby product inspired from her own life and skills.

Sheila Lirio Marcelo

Sheila Lirio Marcelo is the successful inventor of, a website founded and invented in order to locate and match with a babysitter that will provide the best care for a child. In 2006, Marcelo invented this site, inspired from her own parenting struggles as well as her business mind. This site has developed into the world’s largest online location for managing family care and locating the right person to take care of children in the face of events, obligations and responsibilities of parents. The site has successfully reached 16 different countries with over 18.4 million members. Marcelo used her skills to not only give birth to, but to go on and create another startup,, which is a site that aims to increase women’s roles in the economy through mentoring and support.


Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano is a successful inventor, businesswoman and entrepreneur whose invention of the Miracle Mop was the start of a very impactful inventing career. Joy used her skills in business and design to launch her first prototype and eventually landed on QVC, showcasing her success. On QVC, Mangano’s sales soared once she began selling on-air. She is currently the president of Ingenious Designs, LLC and her appearance on the HSN channel allows her inventions to be showcased and celebrated by many.


Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely is the successful, self-made female billionaire recognized for her invention of SPANX. Through her business skills, inventive mind, and innovative design, she created an undergarment for women on a night when she was getting ready for a party. Using scissors and sheers, Sara Blakely gave birth to SPANX, revolutionizing women’s under attire. Sara Blakely used her skills and understanding of women and women’s needs to invent undergarments that would allow women to feel better about themselves and about their own potential. Her success is an inspiration to women both through her business skill set, as well as her creation of a product that women worldwide can use and appreciate.