Sean Belnick is the 20 year old founder of the company,, which is a company that sells computer and office furniture, school furniture, medical equipment as well as home furnishings. His company sprouted from his bedroom , but now successfully has 75 employees. This company has proven to impact the community as well as for the business world. has a base in Kennesaw, Georgia and a warehouse located in Canton, Georgia.

Leanna’s Hair

Leanna Archer is the founder of Leanna’s Hair, a company that primarily sells hair care product. The story behind the product is that as a 13 year old girl, she had very beautiful hair. People started asking Leanna often about what she put in her beautiful hair. Leanna gave the credit to a liquid that was made by her grandmother. Leanna decided to market this product to people she know and sell the product. She used baby food jars that she had at home to package the secret recipe. She sold it to parents and classmates. Leanna, not too long after, looked into obtaining a business license . Her understanding of the the technicalities of running the business she had to look up and research. Her persistence, in turn, gave birth to Leanna’s Hair.


Angelo Sotira is the founder of the site, DeviantArt, which is a link from which users can set up a unique account and display their artwork. The website also allows users to print their work, purchase sponsored merchandise as well as interact with other artists and view their work. The website has gained immense popularity since its startup in 2000. Being that Angelo Sotira was 18 when he started the company. It sprouted from nothing and was able to become so successful and popular.

Makin’ Bacon

Abbey Fleck started up the unique company, Makin’ Bacon, while making bacon with her dad one morning in 1993. The general process of making bacon includes draining bacon on paper towels. On a day with no paper towels at home, Abbey and her father came up with the innovative idea to let the bacon drip. They came up with an invention which is essentially a microwave-safe, 1-inch deep plastic skillet that is attached to a framework above with racks of bacon. This unique invention was a successful example of a child inventor who created a fun appliance on a whim.


Fraser Doherty is the founder of the company, SuperJam, which is a company that sells a unique jam that comes in a unique variety of flavors. Doherty was a young boy from Scotland when he pioneered this product. He led it to success, despite not having seed money to begin. He started off by selling to friends and community members, but the product succeeded gaining demand quickly .In Europe, SuperJam is extremely popular and its unique variety of flavors helps in its success.


Anshul Samar is the founder of Elementeo, which is a trading card game in which you and your opponent essential have a set of chemicals that are being used to destroy one another at the atomic level. This game is designed to make chemistry fun for kids. Samar first thought of this idea as far back in the fourth grade. This game is a fun contribution to the world of learning and a great form of entertainment for kids.