“Visionaries “

You can have vision for your business without even being able to see!

Here are some examples of some successful business owners that illuminated the way in their communities.

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Isaac Lidsky

Isaac Lidsky is a prime example of a successful, inspiring and skilled entrepreneur who lives with blindness. Not only is he a great businessman, but Isaac Lidsky has also taken on different positions and roles in his life such as being a child television star as well as a Supreme Court clerk. He is the co-founder of an internet startup and assisted in building ODC Construction in Florida. Isaac Lidsky firmly believes in and exhibits leadership in order to achieve the success that he has attained through his life as an entrepreneur.

Barry Carver

Barry Carver is a business owner and entrepreneur. He assists in operating his home business, Mountaincrafted.com, which is a web store that sells products such as candles, natural fragrance products, as well as shampoos. He runs the business from his home in Smoky Mountain, Tennessee. Carver became blind from an accident that he got in earlier in his life but it has not hindered his ability to be a successful business owner.

Debra Carver

Debra Carver is the blind co-founder and co-owner of the web store and company Mountaincrafted.com. She operates and runs the home business with her husband, Barry Carver, who is also blind. Debra Carver became blind due to retinitis pigmentosa but it never got in the way of her ability to shine as an entrepreneur and business owner. The business was inspired through the couple’s love for scented candles and the stimulation of the sense of smell.

Sharlyn Ayotte

Sharlyn Ayotte is an inspiring woman who is a blind entrepreneur and founder. She advocated immensely for the blind and has been a strong player in displaying and demonstrating economic participation, particularly for blind people. Sharlyn Ayotte recognizes herself as a consumer and advocate first. She has successfully managed a business that provides format services to some of the largest banks in the continent. Sharlyn Ayotte feels passionately about providing access to information as well as its contribution to making financial and economic decisions.

Roxanna Mann

Roxanna Mann is the founder of cafe Kristina Rae’s and became blind in 2008. Despite suffering through the difficulties of being a blind individual, Roxanna Mann developed and started up her business in Michigan back in 2011. She gained the assistance of Business Enterprise Program, provided by the Randolph-Sheppard Act, in launching her business.

Ron Milliman

Ron Milliman is a successful entrepreneur and current professor. He is currently teaching marketing at Western Kentucky University in which he shares his inspiring knowledge of business. Ron Milliman has also published major journals on marketing and business despite the adversities that come with being blind.